Plan-G aggiornamento - Update at version Plan-G

Plan-G è il più noto software per la pianificazione di volo. Ora è disponibile dal sito l'aggiornamento alla versione v3.0.5.67 per Windows 7, Vista e XP, e gira su FSX SP2, FS9 e X-Plane 9/10.
I nuovi aggiornamenti includono:

Plan-G is the most well-known software for flight planning. It is now available from the website and working on Windows 7, Vista and XP, for FSX SP2, FS9 and X-Plane 9/10. The new update includes the following fixes:

* Start Plan from here (context menu) now sets the QuickPlan From ICAO if it is not already set
* Added random destination button to Quick Plan dialog
* Added Quick Destination Options dialog accessed from Flight Plan Ribbon launcher button (sets min/max dist, runway type & length, general direction)
* Updated map control to latest version
* Fixed crash changing ADF values when connected to FS through FSUIPC
* Fixed Com frequencies missing from X-Plane airports
* Fixed some X-Plane addon airports did not show up in the database
* Fixed Build MSFS database crashed if addon contained invalid approaches
* Fixed Create User Waypoint did not show new wpt on the map until the map was refreshed
* Fixed Database Build Options dialog title was missing

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