Tecnam P2008 TC:Luxury Level LSA (from AOPA News)

Di seguito un interessante articolo apparso sulla rivista AOPA del mese di aprile (il magazine online è disponibile sulla sidebar). Il gioiello dell'industria italiana ha più che incuriosito il florido mercato degli LSA in USA. Leggi tutto...

This turbocharged Tecnam P2008 offers several hints of where general aviation may be headed in the future. It brings together less costly construction techniques (metal wings and carbon fiber fuselage) and is certified under less costly rules. On the panel are dramatically less expensive avionics. Some think aircraft like this one may populate flying clubs and rental fleets decades from now, after current four-place, $400,000 airplanes inflate their way up to $1 million.
That’s not to say that everyone in the future will have $219,000 in discretionary money to purchase a luxury-level Tecnam P2008 TC. (Tecnam models are named for the year they were designed.) This one is tricked out with a triple-screen Garmin G3X glass cockpit displaying traffic and weather, and even a backup electronic flight instrument system by an Italian company called Flybox. You can purchase a P2008 for far less, but it won’t be turbocharged. The base price for a P2008 with analog flight instruments, an iPad mini for your moving navigation map, and no turbocharger is $146,500. The turbocharger package includes a three-blade Sensenich propeller and adds $24,900. That Flybox Oblò (Oblò means porthole in English) backup offers—in a three-inch space—an attitude indicator, a turn-and-bank indicator, an altimeter, a vertical speed indicator, an airspeed indicator, a G-meter, a magnetic heading or GPS tracking heading, and a pressure reference. It costs $2,300.

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